Erik Trickel

Application security researcher and Computer Science PhD student at Arizona State University

Exploring complex and interesting security questions

Toss a fault to your witcher: Applying grey-box coverage-guided mutational fuzzing to detect sql and command injection vulnerabilities
May 2023, Security and Privacy
Trickel, E., Pagani, F., Zhu, C., Dresel, L., Vigna, G., Kruegel, C., Wang, R., Bao, T., Shoshitaishvili, Y. and Doupé, A.

Unleash the Simulacrum: Shifting Browser Realities for Robust {Extension-Fingerprinting} Prevention
August 2022, Usenix 22
Karami, S., Kalantari, F., Zaeifi, M., Maso, X.J., Trickel, E., Ilia, P., Shoshitaishvili, Y., Doupé, A. and Polakis

Everyone is Different: Client-side Diversification for Defending Against Extension Fingerprinting
August 2019, Usenix 19
Trickel, E., Starov, O., Kapravelos, A., Nikiforakis, N. and Doupé, A.

Shell We Play A Game? CTF-as-a-service for Security Education
August 2017, Usenix 17 Advaces in Security Education Workshop
Trickel, E., Disperati, F., Gustafson, E., Kalantari, F., Mabey, M., Tiwari, N., Safaei, Y., Doupé, A. and Vigna, G.

Deep android malware detection.
March 2017, In Proceedings of the seventh ACM on conference on data and application security and privacy
McLaughlin, N., Martinez del Rincon, J., Kang, B., Yerima, S., Miller, P., Sezer, S., Safaei, Y., Trickel, E., Zhao, Z., Doupé, A. and Joon Ahn